Payment Methods

You can pay your order in the following ways::

• Cash on delivery Payment to Courier's employee when delivering your package at the cash expense of € 1,80.

• Payment by Credit or Debit Card Our shop accepts debit, prepaid and credit cards through Eurobank's payment system. If you choose to pay your order by credit, debit or prepaid card you will transfer to the partner bank's website where you should follow the process that indicates you. We have no access to your card details (code, PIN).

  • Installments Pay from 2 to 6 free installments with your credit card.

If no pre-approve of your card is possible by commitment to the total price, we will contact you to let us know if you want to modify the payment method or cancel your order. If no phone communication is possible, an e-mail will be sent to you to the e-mail address that you have stated to us to get in touch with us. If for any reason, none of the above ways is possible for a period of 7 days after sending your order request, then your request is automatically canceled and our shop will send you a relevant cancellation request to your order request at the e-mail you have stated to us.