Shipping terms

Transportation and delivery
Delivery of available products takes place as soon as possible. Shipping costs are reported before your order and are borne by the customer. Explorer Outdoor does not send parcels to mailboxes and does not deliver its products to minors or guardians without the written authorization of their parents or guardians. In cases of assistance due to force majeure, the company is not responsible for delays in the execution of the order. In case of lack of immediate availability of the products, the Company is not responsible for delays and the user can be informed about the progress of his order in the customer service department.

Cost of transportation
The cost of transport is €3.5 for the whole of Greece, with the exception of the products in the tents category, which due to the weight, the cost is €5 for the whole of Greece.

Free shipping
The store provides free shipping throughout Greece for purchases over €100, with the exception of products in the tent category due to weight.